Oil and Gas auditing

About This Project

Oild and Gas Auditing

The management of any industry requires a fresh eye to ensure regulations and procedures are followed and the intent of management is approached.

Our audit module an all-in-one solution so you have total control in the development of Safety and Compliance audit tools and scheduling audits based upon your Risk Management Program.

The report content will include:

  • Managerial Summary (including KPI)
  • Overall compliance scoring
  • Site Observations
  • Recommendations for Improvement
  • Action and mitigation plans.

For a basic review of how effectively management systems are being implemented.

Sector specific Safety System Review

Sector Specific Environment System review

For an in-depth, comprehensive audit benchmarked against current best practice standards.

Five star Occupational Health and Safety Audit

Five star Environmental Audit

For combined audits to gain accreditation against a recognized standard and to achieve best practice status.

Safety Management & Environmental Management

Oil and Gas